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I currently conduct my Sessions at several chambers in Central, North or East London. I do not like to be rushed, so I do not offer half-hour sessions. I require adequate time to prepare for my sessions so always require a session request of at least 72 hours in advance. If you are requesting a Session with me for the first time I shall always require a £25 Gift Tribute (from my Gift Tribute link below). Think of it as rather like sending a gift of fine wine or chocolate to a lady when requesting a special date.


One hour = £175

Two hours = £300

Three hours = £400

Four hours = £500

Overnight = Ask if you dare!

Filming Session Tribute Requirements from the link below!


When requesting a session, you must inform me of any medical issues, or allergies that you may have. Failure to do so is possibly dangerous as well as being irresponsible, stupid and dishonest on your part. I will not tolerate dishonesty.

NB: I am not an Escort. You may look but you cannot touch ... unless, of course, I specifically command you to do so. I may occasionally become aroused during a session, but this will be solely for my own pleasure, not for yours!! You may gift me your Tributes from my Tribute Link Below!


I occasionally require filming subs for my Clips4Sale Studio. This is not a Free Session and may involve one, or more, submissives being present at the same session. The Tribute will be £75 and you will be required to sign a model release form and provide two forms of photo ID (passport, drivers licence etc.) before your request for a filming session will be granted.

If you are requesting a filming session with me for the first time I will require a £25 Gift Tribute from the link below.


If through distance, or circumstance, you are unable to book a Session with me in person, you may still enjoy my services in several other ways. I accept special Custom Video requests for many of my “What I Like” services, or you may request my Weekly Email Sessioning Tasks. These are fun exercises for the both of us!!!

Or, of course, you may request some of my used Panties, Lingerie, Sex Toys and Footwear. Simply complete the form on my Contact page with your specific kinks and requests.


Begin your journey with THE London Dominatrix here !!!

Whether you are gifting me as part of your Submissive Task submission ... or perhaps just to show your appreciation of my sharing some of my "special" time with you here, whether in-person or by email, text or video exchange ... then HERE is where you may begin.